The Difference Between Barley And Bran For Sheep

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The difference between barley and bran for sheep contributes to knowing the value that accrues to the sheep from them, as there are many fodders provided to sheep, so we find that it includes barley, bran, flour, green fodder, etc., and the benefits and harms of different types can be viewed to know the most suitable food for them.

The difference between barley and bran for sheep

The biggest difference between them is the source of obtaining each of them, their types, and the benefits and harms that accrue to the sheep of them.

Comparison barley bran
the description
  • Barley is one of the best foods for sheep.
  • It contains many nutrients in large proportions.
  • It enhances the health of the animal, and provides it with the food it needs.
  • It is the surface layer of food grains.
  • A part of the grain and an essential part of it.
  • Losing it, the grain loses part of its nutritional value.
  • One of the types of food for sheep.. which includes a large proportion of fiber and nutrients that provide them with their need for food.


  • Whole grain barley
  • Crushed barley
  • Single barley
  • Wheat Bran
  • Oat bran
  • rice bran
  • Corn bran
  • Barley bran
the benefits
  • Sheep can easily digest it compared to other types of food.
  • obtain the necessary energy.
  • enhance sheep fertility; and increase childbearing.
  • It can be considered one of the necessary nutritional supplements for sheep.
  • Promote digestion and body absorption of minerals and vitamins.
  • It is essential during pregnancy; It provides the pregnant sheep with a percentage of the protein needed for the growth of the fetus.


  • Improving the work of the digestive system in sheep; Because it contains a high percentage of fiber, it promotes the movement of food inside the intestine.
  • Reducing stomach bloating and heartburn.
  • Production of beneficial bacteria for gut health.
  • Reducing the growth of cancer cells, which preserves the health of sheep from serious diseases. It contains antioxidants that combat the growth of free radicals in the body.
  • Reducing harmful body fats; Which enhances the protection of the heart and blood vessels from sclerosis and serious health problems.


Damages Excessive consumption of barley causes “acidosis”, i.e. poisoning.
  • May cause indigestion in sheep; It consists of gluten, to which some sheep can be allergic.
  • Gas infection.
  • diarrhea.
  • Reducing the body’s absorption of some important nutrients.


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Nutritional value of barley and bran for sheep

The difference between barley and bran for sheep lies in the nutritional value of each of them, as the percentage of nutrients in them differs, which has a different effect on the sheep.

We find that barley has a higher nutritional value, and this does not mean feeding the sheep exclusively with barley, but rather combining nutrients in appropriate quantities for the health of the sheep.

1- Nutritional value of barley

food item The ratio
proteins 12.48 grams
fiber 17.3 grams
carbohydrates 73.48 grams
  • Vitamin B-6:  0.318 mg
  • Thiamine:  0.646 mg
  • Niacin:  4.604 mg
  • Folate:  19 mcg
  • Iron:  3.6 mg
  • Phosphorus:  264 mg
  • Potassium:  452 mg
  • Magnesium:  133 mg
  • Zinc:  2.77 mg
  • Calcium:  44 mg
Calories 354

2- The nutritional value of bran

food item The ratio
Fats 1.3 grams
proteins 4.5 grams
fiber 12.5 grams
carbohydrates 18.5 grams
vitamins Vitamin B:  0.4 mg
  • Iron:  3.05 mg
  • Phosphorus:  294 mg
  • Potassium:  343 mg
  • Magnesium:  177 mg
Calories 63

Feeding sheep and cattle is a necessary matter that contributes to providing them with many benefits.. Their nutrition is not limited to providing them with food, but it is necessary to know the foods that suit them and balance the diet.

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